January Update

i wanted to thank everyone for coming out and cheering on the team. it’s very cool to see so many members come out and from racing in the past, a raucous corner of fans always gives you 10 watts extra.

Now that this run was done, I now know:
– The pup tent will be good for bikes and we’ll get a bigger tent.
– Flags. we need big TLS flags and Hermes to paint himself up in blue & purple.
– and we need more bottles of champagne

We’ll be at BP again but in the meantime, please look at our calendar of events. Our next ones will be:
– Late Jan / Early Feb – TLS Social: Welcome to 2022!
– Mar 19 – TLS Time Trial (30km @ Snake road)
– April 3 – Fl State TT
– Apr 10 – Rosewood Central Broward, We’re back at CB!